Nursing Foot Care

Nursing Foot Care is an important component of total nursing care, which includes Health Promotion, Health Prevention, Client teaching and Promoting Safety and Comfort. The nurse collaborates with the client to develop a plan of care and encourages the client to assume responsibility for his/her own health with the assistance of the nurse.

But what does a Foot Care Nurse do?

  1. Routine Management of the nails and skin to prevent foot related problems.  Trim, cut, file & define nails, reduces callouses and corns.
  2. Assessment of your walking style/gait.
  3. Assessment of proper footwear.
  4. Recognition of lower leg related problems.
  5. Promotes self care, wellness and prevention of illness in client.
  6. Treatment of leg problems in accordance with the direction of Physician, Podiatrist and/or Nurse Practitioner.
  7. Referral to appropriate Health Care Professionals when concerns arise.
  8. Be an advocate for Clients in regards to their health related concerns.

Nursing Foot Care

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