Disability Tax Credit Advisors

Expert guidance for individuals with physical or mental impairments, injuries or illness applying for the Disability Tax Credit.

High success rate for first time applications and appeals.

Hetherington & Hodson have developed a comprehensive consultation process that begins with us listening to you and understanding your unique situation.

We provide the client a customized “effects of impairment” document that is crucial to the application process.

Our role is to be your “voice” with your doctor and the Canada Revenue Agency.

We work to ensure that you and your caregivers receive the tax credits you deserve.

There is no age limit when applying for the disability tax credit.

The Disability Tax Credit is also linked with:

  • Disability Supports Deduction (attendant care expenses)
  • The Home Accessibility Tax Credit
  • Caregiver Credits

Hetherington & Hodson
Coral Hetherington & Brad Hodson

phone: (204) 832-2048
email: info@disabilitycredits.com

You deserve to be heard

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