About Us

Quality Senior Services (QSS) was founded in 2007. The members of the group meet monthly to learn more about one another and one another’s businesses. Being able to trust each other is the number one priority for our members. Each of us show each other we are reliable and people of integrity.

Each member of Quality Senior Services, undergoes a stringent process to be a member of the group. They must give a 10 minute presentation of their services. The group phones their references in order to help scrutinizes their character. They must receive 80% of the existing groups’ vote to become a member. The members of the group often use one another’s services personally, or refer them to their own clients. Each member must continue to prove themselves reliable and trustworthy.

If a situation arises where a member of the group performs their services poorly, does not return a phone call in a timely manner, or cannot attend meetings regularly, they are asked to remove themselves from the group.

The members of QSS are people of integrity. They are here so you can get the help you need. They are people you can trust.

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